Vicki's Garden

Vicki’s garden is one of my favourites; the garden is divided into three courtyards, each with their own feel and personality. Many of the plants have come from her mother’s garden and have a special meaning.

The large courtyard can be seen from the main rooms of the house, and during summer visitors are drawn to the garden by the bright colours of the bougainvillaea and climbing rose. This garden is designed with relaxed entertaining in mind, the two large outdoor settings in constant use for family gatherings and makeshift potting table.

This is a cheerful garden that is constantly changing; the rose and bougainvillaea remain, however every few years the perennials change giving a whole new look to the garden and keeping me on my toes. The two smaller courtyards are designed with a gentle flow – cool greens and grey and provide somewhere to unwind and relax and enjoy the fragrance of the Gardenia and the texture of the many varieties of Euphorbia featured in this part of the garden.

Stephen has created a garden which includes favourites of mine from days gone by and adds interesting foliage with plants he has introduced to me over our time together. He has made a garden for me and my family to enjoy….there is room for pots of vegetables and space for me to strike bits and pieces and potter about and ‘garden’. I now consider Stephen a friend and am very glad the day he answered the call for help to my garden.
— Vicki Van der Venne Malvern.